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1- Casablanca DVD
As time goes by, this 1942 classic starring Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman (as Rick and Ilsa, star-crossed lovers who just aren't meant to be) only gets better. Of all the "gin joints" in Morocco, Ilsa, with husband Victor (Paul Henreid) in tow, had to walk into the one owned by Rick, a former beau she abandoned in Paris. War looms over them all, and in a much-discussed ending, Rick and Ilsa make heroic but heartbreaking choices.
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2- Seven Samurai DVD
Akira Kurosawa's heroic tale of honor and duty begins with master samurai Kambei (Takashi Shimura) posing as a monk to save a kidnapped child. Impressed by his bravery, a group of farmers begs him to defend their village from encroaching bandits. Kambei agrees and assembles a group of six other samurai, and together they build a militia with the villagers while the bandits loom nearby. Soon the raids begin, culminating in a bloody battle.
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3- Citizen Kane DVD
Orson Welles reinvented movies at the age of 26 with this audacious biography of newspaper baron Charles Foster Kane (in essence, a thinly veiled portrait of publishing magnate William Randolph Hearst), who rises from poverty to become one of America's most influential men. A complex and technically stunning film, Citizen Kane is considered one of the best movies ever made.
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4- Chinatown DVD
Private eye J.J. Gittes (Jack Nicholson) uncovers intricate dirty dealings in the Los Angeles waterworks and gets his nose slashed for his grief. Suspicious, porcelain-skinned femme fatale Faye Dunaway (who harbors a nasty family secret) finances Gittes's snooping. Director Roman Polanski reimagines 1930s Los Angeles in this brilliant detective thriller. And Robert Towne's onion-like script reveals itself one complex layer at a time.
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5- The Manchurian Candidate DVD
Some thrillers remain as suspenseful -- and timely -- as when they were first released. Raymond Shaw (Laurence Harvey) is a Korean War hero with a lethal secret: He's been brainwashed into being a sleeper agent for the communist Chinese. With one phone call, the Reds can transform Shaw into a deadly assassin -- unless fellow veteran Bennett Marco (Frank Sinatra) can stop them first!
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6- North by Northwest DVD
What if everyone around you was suddenly convinced you were a spy? Cary Grant plays an advertising executive who looks a little too much like someone else and is forced to go on the lam (helped along by Eva Marie Saint). Hitchcock's sure-handed comic drama pits Grant against a crop duster and lands him in a fight for his life on Mount Rushmore. A cliffhanger if ever there was one!
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7- The Producers DVD
In this hysterical farce, rapacious but lovable producer Max Bialystock (Zero Mostel) hasn't had a hit in years. Quite by accident, he and his meek, neurotic accountant, Leo Bloom (Gene Wilder), come up with a plot to oversell shares in a surefire flop musical and make off with the profits -- using the worst play ever written, "Springtime for Hitler." Inspired, manic performances and Brooks's lively direction make The Producers a true gem.
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8- Rear Window DVD
As his broken leg heals, wheelchair-bound L.B. Jeffries (James Stewart) becomes absorbed with the parade of life across the courtyard: A dancer, a lonely woman, a composer and a bedridden woman and her husband become like creatures in Needham's voyeuristic zoo. But when one of them disappears, Needham suspects foul play -- and suddenly he finds himself in the center of the action with nowhere to run.
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9- The Bridge on the River Kwai DVD
Director David Lean's sweeping epic is set in a Japanese World War II prison camp where British POWs are forced to construct a railway bridge as a morale-building exercise. Yet the real battle of wills is between "play by the rules" British colonel Nicholson (Alec Guinness), who is dedicated to the project, and his American rival (William Holden), who vows to destroy it. The POWs' whistling work theme became legendary.
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10- On the Waterfront DVD
Terry Malloy (Oscar-winner Marlon Brando) is a washed-up boxer turned longshoreman who finds he has one fight left in him when he dares to take on corrupt union boss Johnny Friendly (Lee J. Cobb). A landmark "issue" picture, On the Waterfront is distinguished by great performances and excellent use of New York locations. It's also the winner of eight Academy Awards, including Best Picture and Best Director (Elia Kazan).
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11- The Third Man DVD
Who was Harry Lime? And who killed him? And is he really dead? These are just a few of the questions writer-turned-sleuth Holly Martins (Joseph Cotten) tries to answer as he trolls the shadowy streets of postwar Vienna. Director Carol Reed turns Graham Greene's classic mystery into a film noir without equal. You'll be humming the zither theme for weeks!
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12- Lawrence of Arabia DVD
Director David Lean's Oscar-winning epic tells the true-life story of warrior-poet T.E. Lawrence (Peter O'Toole), who helped unite warring Arab tribes so they could strike back against the Turks in World War I. Lushly filmed and expertly acted, this timeless classic underscores the clash between cultures -- and within one man -- that changed the tide of war. Alec Guiness and Anthony Quinn co-star.
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13- Deliverance DVD
In this 1970s existential action epic, four suburban friends (Jon Voight, Burt Reynolds, Ronny Cox and Ned Beatty) take a canoeing trip down a Georgia river. But what begins as a lighthearted adventure becomes a voyage into the heart of darkness when redneck locals descend on the foursome and force them to kill or be killed. A masterpiece of grace and power, Deliverance still terrifies and enthralls today.
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14- Vertigo DVD
Don't look down! One of Alfred Hitchcock's darkest and most compelling films tells the story of police detective Scottie Ferguson (James Stewart), who has a crippling fear of heights. When an old friend asks him to tail his wife (Kim Novak), Scottie is drawn into a vortex of deceit, murder and obsession … and that's just the beginning! Two highlights: a mesmerizing Bernard Herrmann score and a haunting final shot.
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15- A Streetcar Named Desire DVD
Marlon Brando spellbinds as the brutish Stanley Kowalski in Tennessee Williams' classic rumination on carnal attraction and faded gentility. After losing the family plantation to creditors, Blanche DuBois (Vivien Leigh) travels to New Orleans hoping to find comfort with her sister (Kim Hunter), Stanley's wife. But Blanche gets more than she bargained for. Oscars went to Leigh, Hunter and Karl Malden for their monumental performances.
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16- Dr. Strangelove DVD
In director Stanley Kubrick's blackly comedic send-up of the nuclear age, deranged American general Jack D. Ripper (Sterling Hayden) leads an attack against the Russians that sets the stage for Armageddon. In a series of virtuoso comic performances, Peter Sellers plays an impotent U.S. president, a harried British captain and an ex-Nazi bomb maker. George C. Scott and Slim Pickens also appear in this classic Oscar-nominated satire.
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17- Rashomon DVD
Considered one of Japanese director Akira Kurosawa's masterpieces, this Oscar-winning crime drama unfolds as four witnesses to a rape and murder report their versions of the attack. But the chain of events depicted by the bandit (Toshiro Mifune), the rape victim (Machiko Kyo), the murdered man's ghost (Masayuki Mori) and the woodcutter (Takashi Shimura) are not only different, they're incompatible in Kurosawa's examination of the nature of truth.
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18- Cool Hand Luke DVD
What we have here is a failure to communicate! Lucas Jackson (Paul Newman) is a man who likes to do things his own way. That leads to a world of hurt when he winds up in a hellish Southern prison camp -- and on the wrong side of a sadistic warden (Strother Martin). George Kennedy won an Oscar as a fellow prisoner who tries to break Luke and then comes to revere him.
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19- 12 Angry Men DVD
A guilty verdict means death -- but the jury's not about to let that spoil their day. Twelve men must decide the fate of an 18-year-old boy accused of fatally stabbing his father. Only one (Henry Fonda) wants to take the time to coolly deliberate the case. Sidney Lumet (Network) made his directorial debut in this fiery drama that illuminates all the petty impediments on the path to justice.
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20- Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid DVD
Legendary outlaws Butch Cassidy (Paul Newman) and the Sundance Kid (Robert Redford) display perfect comedic timing and charisma as they pull off heist after heist in this Oscar-winning film from director George Roy Hill. To evade a relentless posse, the boys flee to Bolivia, thinking they'll find easier pickings there. But trouble finds the fugitives wherever they go, and soon, the charming desperadoes are on the run again.
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21- The Sound of Music DVD
The hills are alive with the sound of singing siblings and nuns! In Rodgers and Hammerstein's greatest collaboration, a feisty postulant named Maria (Julie Andrews) is sent to care for the unruly, motherless Von Trapp children. She soon tames them -- and finds herself falling for their stern father (Christopher Plummer). Oscar-winning director Robert Wise used stunning Austrian locations to transform the stage musical into a cinema classic.
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22- The Maltese Falcon DVD
The big bird is the stuff dreams are made of … according to gumshoe Sam Spade (Humphrey Bogart). When his partner gets snuffed, Spade starts digging around for the murderer. But when the trail leads to Sydney Greenstreet, Peter Lorre and Mary Astor, a sinister troika intent on nabbing the titular solid-gold bird, Spade must make some tough decisions.
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23- The Philadelphia Story DVD
Socialite Tracy Lord (Katharine Hepburn) prepares to remarry, but her ex (Cary Grant) and a tabloid reporter (Best Supporting Actor Oscar-winner James Stewart) have other ideas as they converge on her home for a fateful visit. The three stars form an incomparable romantic triangle in one of the most tantalizing screwball romances ever. Ace Hollywood women's director George Cukor adapts this urbane Broadway comedy with precision and wit.
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24- Some Like It Hot DVD
With its transvestitism, palpable sex and murder, Billy Wilder's legendary screwball comedy reveals dark, hilarious roots. Musicians Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis accidentally witness the St. Valentine's Day Massacre and get out of town the only way they know how -- dressed as women. On the road to Florida with an all-girl band, they meet Sugar Kane (Marilyn Monroe), and things start to heat up in this legendary farce.
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25- West Side Story DVD
In retelling the Romeo and Juliet tragedy, West Side Story won 10 Oscars. But instead of Verona's warring Montagues and Capulets, it's the Sharks vs. the Jets, rival gangs battling for turf on the streets of 1950s New York City. When Jet Tony (Richard Beymer) falls for Shark Maria (Natalie Wood), the only way to solve their dilemma is through a rumble in the asphalt jungle.
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