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by John -- February 5th 2008 -- NJ
I use gamefly to test out new games for my PS3. Love the service - consider how much a new game cost today, it's the best way to save money by trying out games first then buy those that I really like. 10 day free trial gives you enough time to test out the service. Once I tried, I am hooked. Right now, I only buy 1 game every 3 months.

by George -- March 18th 2008 -- NY
Too bad netflix doesn't offer game rentals. It will be great you can just rent from one place. But still gamefly offers more games than you will find in a video rental store. They never run out of new titles. If you go to local blockbuster store, you won't be able to find any new games. 5 star, highly recommended.

by George -- June 11th 2008 -- OH
You just can't find a better way to rent games than gamefly. I tried a few others like gameznflix, their service are not as reliable as gamefly. Either there are no games available or there will delays on shipping out games. I always rent new games, they are much more expensive than the old ones. And gamefly also have used games for sale - cheaper than you can find in gamestop store. Give it a try!

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