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Get Unlimited DVD Rentals Online from Netflix

Online DVD Rental at Netflix

  • Unlimited rentals start at ONLY $4.99 a month
  • Rent DVDs Online from over 75,000 Titles - Classics to New Releases
  • Free Shipping Both Ways
  • No Driving. No Lines. No Hassles
  • Always have up to 3 DVDs at home
  • No Commitments. Cancel Anytime
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Review: Netflix is the pioneer in Online DVD Movie Rental service. It offers a 2-week FREE trial for new customers. Unlimited DVD Movie Online Rentals start at an unbeatable price - only $4.99 a month. Netflix offers great DVD selections and new DVD releases are always ready to ship. Delivery is fast since Netflix has over 37 Regional Distribution Centers. Netflix has the simplest web site to manage all your online DVD movie rentals. Overall, it's a must try.

Featured Reviews by User:

by Jeanette -- February 5th 2007 -- Chicago, IL
I signed up with Netflix Movie Rental a few months ago and received all 3 DVDs within the first 3 days. I wanted to see the maximum DVDs that I could rent in a month. The result - 24 DVDs. I get 3 DVDs delivered on Saturday, and watch them all during the weekend. Then on Monday, I return 3 DVDs - on Wednesday, I got another 3 DVDs to watch at night. And the next day I return them. And by Saturday I receive 3 movie DVDs. That’s how I did it. You probably won't watch over 20 DVDs a month. One important thing to remember is that you don't have to return all 3 DVDs at a time. Simply watch and return at your own pace and never pay a late fee. Netflix is awesome and I love it.

by John -- March 18th 2007 -- New York, NY
I tried the 2 week free trial from Neflix. The service is excellent. I happened to get a damaged DVD - the postman tried to squeeze everything into my mailbox and one of the DVDs was cracked. I went to their website to request a replacement disc to be sent right away. And I received the DVD the next day. The email alert service is also excellent. I got emails announcing arrivals of returns, shipments of new rentals, and estimated arrival date.

by Peter -- April 29th 2007 -- Cedar Rapid, IA
Netflix has so many titles to offer. I already stop making trips to my local blockbuster stores. All the DVD new releases are at my finger tips. I can add new DVDs to my queue even before they are released. The new DVDs are shipped the day before the official release. Guess what, I actually got my "Mr. and Mrs. Smith DVD" the same day it was released. Incredible. One special feature I really like is you can rate and review movies. And Netflix will recommend movies to me based on my past selections and reviews. I would recommend Netflix to all my friends.
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